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Members from Baltic Association of Historians of Pedagogy participated in ISCHE 36


Members from Baltic Association of Historians of Pedagogy participated in the 36th ISCHE (International Standing Conference for the History of Education) at the Institute of Education, University of London. It was held from the 23rd to the 26th of July, 2014.

ISCHE was founded in 1978 to promote both international scholarship and co-operation in the field of history of education. It is an academic society dedicated to fostering research and enhancing intellectual exchange and cooperation among historians of education around the globe.

The theme of the ISCHE 36 was „Education, War and Peace”. The 36th ISCHE conference, at the centenary of the outbreak of World War I aimed at addressing relationships between education and war, and also the role of education in fostering peace. War includes armed conflict between nations, but also other forms of belligerence between rival forces within and across states such as civil wars, culture wars, cold wars, and types of warfare for example ideological warfare, economic warfare and physical combat in all its forms. Peace includes a formalized state of harmony, and also embraces reconciliation and collaboration towards shared goals. Education in many forms, institutional and informal, contributes to war and to peace through formal systems at all levels from school to university, military training, through civics and citizenship, museums, peace movements, art, the media and official propaganda.

Six delegates from Latvia and Lithuania participated in the conference with the presentations:
• Ķestere, Iveta (University of Latvia) Classroom Culture as a Scene of Political Propaganda: Communism and Nazi Regime in Latvian Classroom (1940-1945).
• Ķestere, Iveta; Grāvīte Aija (University of Latvia) Defending World Peace as a Concept of Civic Education in the Soviet School (1947-1978).
• Ozola, Iveta (University of Latvia) Der Einfluss des zweiten Weltkrieges auf die Pädagogik als Wissenschaft: das Beispiel Lettlands (1940-1945) (Impact of the Second World War on the educational Sciences: the case of Latvia (1940-1945))
• Stonkuvienė, Irena (Vilnius University) Between war and peace: children and youth organisations in Lithuania in 1940s and 50s.
• Zigmunde, Alīda (Riga Technical University) The Riga Polytechnic Institute – life of an institution of higher education during WWI.
• Znotiņa, Lilita (University of Latvia) Children`s recovery in Latvia after World War I and development of paedology.

Altogether in the conference paricipated over 500 delegates from all the continents. ISCHE 37 will be held in Turkey, Istanbul with the theme – „Education and Culture”.

Writed by BPVA, 12.02.15.

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